Improve your Skateboarding, BMX, Scooter, or Inline Skills During School Time!

Did you know that you can spend half of every school day (Grades 7-12) developing your skills in skateboarding, scootering, BMX, or inline skating? If you want to take your skills to higher and higher levels, this program might be for you!

The program is offered through Vimy Ridge Academy (an Edmonton Alberta Public School) and House of Wheels Indoor Action Sports Park in Edmonton



Hosted by Delburne Centralized School, the competition is for any student currently in grades 7-12.  This year because of the 2-year break, there is a special category for alumni. This category is for any past participants in the Delburne comp who graduated in 2020 or 2021 and missed their last chance to compete.

The Delburne skatepark and this competition are both the result of an incredible relationship between the youth of Delburne, their school, and their community. Skateparktour.ca told this story in a 2017 post and video.

Students from ANY school or school district are welcome to come to Delburne and participate in the competition. Because it is a school-based event on a school day, schools will require certain paperwork to be completed. For more information on competing (or sponsoring!) contact @delburne_ghost_ryders on Instagram or email: sbanks at cesd73.ca

Volunteer Skaters Age 14-17 Needed For Study

Skaters 14-17 Years Old Needed for Online Interview Study

A researcher from the University of Guelph wants to learn about skateboarders’ love for skateboarding, even though they have experienced injuries from the occasional slams that come with being a skater.

Specifically, they need:

  • PASSIONATE skateboarders
  • Aged 14-17
  • Have been injured skateboarding
  • Willing to explain and discuss why skateboarding is important to them in a roughly 30-minute video interview

Volunteerskaters who do the interview will receive a gift card as thanks for sharing their time and insights for the study.

If you qualify and are interested or if you’d like more information, please contact the lead researcher Mackensie Seasons by email.


Edmonton Looking For User Opinions For Proposed Skatepark and Mountain Bike Skills Park

YOUR Feedback needed for future skate & bike parks in Glengarry District Park!

Glengarry Park, on 135 Ave. between 85 St. and 90 St., has had a Skateboard Park and a Mountain Bike Skills Park in its concept plan since 2018.

Image by Robert Jones from Pixabay

The City is creating preliminary and detailed design plans for skate and bike parks. The City has not yet approved funds for construction. The parks will be built in the future when funds are available. Until then, the project team wants to design parks that will be popular with park users, and have the plans ready to go when funding is approved.


Online Engagement Opportunities

To collect user opinions on designs for the skate and bike parks, the City is hosting online engagement opportunities from December 1 – 14, 2020.

To provide feedback, please attend 1 or both of the online learning sessions then complete the online survey, which is available from December 2-14, 2020.

  • Skate Park Online learning session   December 2, 2020 | 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
  • Bike Park Online learning session   December 3, 2020 | 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
  • Online survey    Available December 2 – 14, 2020

Register to attend the learning session(s) relevant to you on the Parks & Recreation project webpage after which you can provide your opinions in the survey.

Callingwood. Skateparktour.ca photo

The feedback that the City receives will be used along with other factors, to create the final design for bike and skateparks as part of the Glengarry District Park Renewal.

Please share this information with friends and others who would use either park


Skateparktour Partners with Canada Skateboard to List ALL Canadian Skateparks!

Skateparktour.ca is excited to announce a brand new partnership with Canada Skateboard!! We will work together to include ALL Canadian skateparks on Skateparktour.ca!  Canada Skateboard and Skateparktour realize how useful a complete skatepark directory will be and are working together to make it happen!

This partnership will be good for everyone who uses Canadian skateparks, not only skateboarders.  If you skate, BMX, scooter, inline skate, roller skate, or unicycle you can use Skateparktour.ca to find skateparks, and you can submit skateparks to be added. The more skateparks on the list, the more we all benefit.

Whiterock BC Skatepark

We need EVERYONE who uses skateparks to tell us about skateparks missing from Skateparktour.ca!  We want EVERY skatepark, large, small, indoor or outdoor. Use our easy to complete form to submit a skatepark. You can submit as many parks as you can visit, there is no limit!

To help get the wheels rolling about this project, Canada Skateboard is offering prizes for contributions made before August 31st! Every valid skatepark submission gives you a chance to win one of three prizes. You could win a Canada Skateboard coffee book, a Canada Skateboard deck or a Canada Skateboard Hydroflask.

So, let the skatepark blizzard begin! If your skatepark is not already on skateparktour.ca, submit it today!!!

Contributing To My Skatepark Community

July 25, 2020, Skateparktour.ca

When we belong to a community we show it in what we do and the choices we make. Last weekend I went to Innisfail to shoot video footage for a Localz Skatepark Tour Video. Before the shoot, I was telling some young local BMXers about skateparktour.ca and the video I was there to shoot when one of the group slipped into the bowl to retrieve a broom and pop can dangerously littering the bottom of the bowl.  A few minutes later after the conversation, another in their group noticed that a lot of dirt and some leaves had accumulated at the base of a bank. He picked up the broom and swept the slippery and skateboard/scooter wheel stopping debris safely out of the park.

In neither case were the stoked-to-ride young BMX’ers asked, reminded, suggested, or told to clean up the park. These 9 and 10-year-old kids just saw something that needed doing and took care of it. That’s one thing that contributing members of a community do. See something that needs doing that they can do, they do it safely, and they ask no reward for it. Every skatepark needs lots of community members like these guys!

My Town Needs A New Skatepark!

Here is the skatepark that the local skater referred to

I was at a small town skatepark recently, taking virtual tour photos. A  local skater, probably 14 or 15 years old came by for a session just as I finished taking photos. I gave him a sticker and told him what my photos were for. I also let him know about Skateparktour.ca because not everyone knows about it yet!

He commented that his town needs a new skatepark because the current one has no bowl. He’s right, the current park in his town is very limited. It has no elevated components to gain speed. It also lacks a variety of features such as stairs, up/down rails, hubbas, gaps banks, or transition features.

I responded that “it was time to start working on getting a new park”, and wished him a good session while I loaded gear in the car. It hit me as I drove away that what I said was not very helpful or motivational. I wished that I had made these 4 points with him:

Most skateparks exist because some people worked hard advocating for it, and persisted for years in some cases

Some skatepark efforts took years of advocacy, fundraising, and planning to get amazing skateparks built. Some examples include:

Lots Of Skateparks exist because of advocacy by young people – Go ahead, become an advocate in your town!

Here are three examples of skateparks built with youth getting the wheels rolling, there are many more

  • Delburne Skatepark

    Legacy Skatepark, Langdon AB Langdon youth got huge support from their local FCSS.  They helped the young people organize and approach the Council and the provincial government for funding.

  • Delburne Skatepark Delburne AB When Delburne skaters spoke up about the need for a skatepark their school got behind them, then the Delburne Village Council, local businesses, and members of the community supported the project as well.  Delburne now has a skatepark that is the envy of many much larger towns!
  • Lacombe Skatepark, Lacombe AB  Similar to Langdon, one of the first supporters when youth spoke up was the local FCSS. A skatepark committee made up of youth and adults who supported the skatepark process as passionately as the youth raised they money and got a very fun skatepark built in Lacombe..

Find allies, others who want a new skatepark too, including:

  • Other youth, including skaters, BMX’ers, scooter riders. Taxpayer money will pay for most of the skatepark cost so everyone will get to use the skatepark and every user group would help make it happen!
  • A youth-focused organization that may be able to support your cause, for example, the Boys & Girls Club, FCSS, teachers, or your school
  • Supporters on your local council and local business people

You are not on your own, there are resources you can access!


Let’s see a new skatepark, or an addition, in this town and yours, soon!