Skateparktour.ca wants to include EVERY Canadian Skatepark!



Canada Skateboard and Skateparktour.ca have teamed up to map out all Canadian skateparks. Skateparktour.ca is already a great resource for any and all skateparks across Canada. With over 220 parks listed, it’s the most in-depth park directory in the country.

We are asking skatepark users from all of the action sports communities from Coast to Coast to help us identify skateparks that are not already on Skateparktour.ca, and add them!. We are interested in big and small, public or private, indoor and outdoor skateparks. Make sure that your favourite park is on the map!

Canada Skateboard Contest – Ends August 31st!

Send in your contributions by August the 31st for a chance to win one of three prizes, a Canada Skateboard coffee book, a Canada Skateboard deck or a Canada Skateboard Hydroflask. Add as many skateparks as you’d like!

Photos needed too

We do ask that along with skatepark information you please provide up to 10 photos(from your phone is fine) of the skatepark that meet these criteria:

  • Horizontal / Landscape. Not square or vertical/Portrait.
  • Preferably without people in the shot
  • Look for photos that show park details such as:
    • An interesting line
    • Specific features/obstacles
    • Wide shots of the park or its setting
    • Any significant signs, artworks, or plaques.

No DIY’s or Home Ramps/Parks

NB: Skateparktour.ca will not add any DIY skateparks not recognized and approved by the municipality or property owner for liability and privacy reasons. I also won’t include ramps and skateparks that are in a back yard or on an acreage unless the owner accepts visitors. There is no point in listing a facility that is not an option that the public can choose in some way (for free, entry fee, membership, …).

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