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Shaw Millennium Park Calgary – Skateparktour.ca’s first skatepark!

In the 15+ years since Skateparktour.ca first went live, it has become a useful resource for skatepark users to find parks they want to ride when travelling. The directory now has over 230 skateparks listed, mainly in BC and Alberta, and grows every year.

It takes time and money to buy and maintain the specialized cameras and software to create the tours, to host and maintain the website, and to travel to take photos of parks in as many areas as possible. Many people have commented about how much they use and appreciate and use skateparktour.ca, and if you are one who finds the site useful, the “Buy me a coffee” page is an opportunity to contribute towards the cost of maintaining and growing skateparktour.ca if you wish to, without pressure or a sales pitch.

With Buy me a coffee you can contribute as little as $5 to as much as you’d like. All of the money will be spent to maintain, grow, or improve skateparktour.ca. If you’re not interested in contributing or can’t afford it now, no worries! Use the site and plan some great skatepark sessions, that’s why it is here!