July 25, 2020, Skateparktour.ca

When we belong to a community we show it in what we do and the choices we make. Last weekend I went to Innisfail to shoot video footage for a Localz Skatepark Tour Video. Before the shoot, I was telling some young local BMXers about skateparktour.ca and the video I was there to shoot when one of the group slipped into the bowl to retrieve a broom and pop can dangerously littering the bottom of the bowl.  A few minutes later after the conversation, another in their group noticed that a lot of dirt and some leaves had accumulated at the base of a bank. He picked up the broom and swept the slippery and skateboard/scooter wheel stopping debris safely out of the park.

In neither case were the stoked-to-ride young BMX’ers asked, reminded, suggested, or told to clean up the park. These 9 and 10-year-old kids just saw something that needed doing and took care of it. That’s one thing that contributing members of a community do. See something that needs doing that they can do, they do it safely, and they ask no reward for it. Every skatepark needs lots of community members like these guys!