Privacy Policy

General Principles:

Skateparktour.ca will remain mindful of the safety and privacy of those who use this site, by collecting no more information than is needed to provide the service that the visitor chooses to access, by using information only for the purpose it was provided for, and by safeguarding all collected information

Collection Of Information

  • only the minimum information needed to provide the service that the visitor chooses will be requested.
  • information will be used only for the purpose for which is was collected.
  • email lists will allow visitors to opt-out at their discretion. Addresses will only be added when users opt in.
  • except as needed for financial transactions, first names,email addresses, or usernames only will be required.
  • financial transactions will be completed through PayPal or similar service so it will not be necessary for skateparktour.ca to collect personal financial information.

Disclosure Of Information

  • Personal information including visitor names and email addresses will not be sold or provided to any third party.
  • Information collected by skateparktour.ca will be disclosed to law enforcement agencies only when needed as part of a criminal investigation or should personal safety concerns arise.
  • Web servers utilized by skateparktour.ca or by websites providing services to skateparktour.ca may not be in Canada and thus may be subject to privacy related laws of other nations (including the Patriot Act of the United States) as well as the privacy practices of other parties. Visitors are advised to keep this fact in mind.

Use Of Photographs

  • In cases where an individual’s face appears clearly enough to be recognizable in a photo taken for a virtual tour, their face will be blurred to make it unrecognizable, unless an appropriate signed release is on file.


  • Certain software packages used by Skateparktour.ca (photo gallery, email list) use cookies to collect information from visitors to the site to allow user logins and provide the respective services. The traffic monitoring service used to provide data used to manage the web site uses cookies to provide traffic data.