For years now, Skateparktour.ca has included video edits shot at individual skateparks alont with photos or a virtual tour as part of the information provided about skateparks. In the past few years, fewer and fewer people have been making these “edits”, so Skateparktour.ca is starting to make our own.

The first video in the “LocalzSKatepark Tour”  video Series from the Glendale Skatepark in Red Deer AB has been published and more are on the horizon. The Glendale video features (Skateparktour.ca sponsor) Industry Skate & Snow team members Riley & Mitchell Gladue sharing their thoughts about Red Deer’s outstanding primary skatepark.

The name of the series, “Localz Skatepark Tour” intend to counter the “Locals Only” ethic that was once more common in skateparks, and promote skateparks as great places for people sho skate, bike, scooter, inline, unicycle, or WCMX to gather and have fun. Today’s skateparks are welcoming and inclusive, and this video series will provide another way to showcase what your skatepark has to offer.

Do you want to help make a Localz Skatepark Tour video for your local skatepark? Contact Skateparktour.ca to discuss how we could make it happen!