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The Glendale Pool Bowl - A Case For Including Challenge In Skatepark Design

When the discussions are taking place about the design of a new skatepark, it's not unusual for someone to say something about not making the park too difficult.  The thinking is that if skatepark features are "too big", they will be usable by only a few, and there will be lots of injuries.  Should you hear such an argument, speak up, don't let them win the day because that's not what happens.  It's true that skateparks need variety of terrain so that novices and experienced users can all find appropriate challenge in the park, but in parks where challenging obstacles are included in the design, the skaters and bikers who use the park will grow their skills to meet those challenges. It's all about progression.


Levi skating the new Glendale pool

Levi grew up in Cochrane where the skatepark has a bowl which enabled his bowl skating to progress

Allrose Skate photo


 Case in point, the new Glendale Skatepark in Red Deer includes Alberta's only pool style bowl.  At the grand opening Friday, some skaters heard sound of their wheels on the tile, and a few did lip tricks, but you'll see what I mean when you come back later this summer and into the fall.  The skill progression will be sure to amaze.  More skaters will be doing even more and bigger tricks, and not just the adults.  Look out for the kids too.  This pool will provide the opportunity for skaters, bikers, and even scooter kids to progress.  When you attend a community planning meeting for a new skatepark where you live, speak up to make sure some challenging elements are included!