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Where did all the scooters come from?

Another user group vying for space in Skateparks

Scooter rider getting air

Last week while visiting the Chinook Winds Skatepark in Airdrie, was very surprised to find that the largest user group in the skatepark was the scooter riders.  There were 44 users in the skatepark at the time. 10 were skateboarders, 12 were bmx'ers, 2 were inline skating, there was one mountain biker, and there were 19 scooters.  Scooter riders appeared to be as young 8 or 9 and up to 14 or 15 years old. It’s not unusual for scooter kids to ride skateparks but it was surprising that there were so many at one time, and that older teenagers were riding scooters instead of skateboards or bikes. Where are they all coming from?  Is this the sign of a new trend?

Scooters are very popular in some parts of the world and it seems that they may be growing in popularity here too. Several people have commended recently that there seems to be more scooters in skateparks, but Airdrie was a first for  That older teenagers are riding scooters is another sign of growing popularity of scooters, which have been around for at least a decade. 

Bikes in skateparks sometimes annoy skaters; some skaters even say skateparks are for skateboarders only. For them this possible trend won’t be good news.  Whatever we choose to ride on two wheels, or four, we need to respect those who prefer to ride something else. Everyone (or their parents) pay taxes no matter what they ride. Skateparks are largely funded by public money so there’s no keeping those who choose to ride other wheels from enjoying the same skatepark.  When you go to the skatepark, have fun, share the lines with everyone else, and be sure to add to the positive vibe. Everyone will have more fun that way.