Millennium Park Skatepark Location

      • West end of downtown; between 6th and 9th Avenues west of 11th street; west of the former Science centre and Mewata.
      • From CTrain: Walk/skate west on 7th Ave, across 11 St., through the former Science Centre parkade to the skatepark
      • From West: drive eastbound on Bow Trail / 9 Ave; turn left on 11 St. then left into the parking lot beside Mewata. This is a pay parking lot. Walk / skate across the park past the fountain to the skatepark. There is also a parking lot on the north end of the skatepark, accessible farther north on 11 St.
      • From the East: Go west on 6 Ave, stay in the left lane, enter the parking lot just west of the lights on 11St.  You can also turn left (south) on 11 St, and park in the lot at the south end of Mewata (the old brick building that may have soldiers coming and going) 

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      •  75000 Sq ft concrete skatepark, Canada’s largest outdoor skatepark since 2000!
      • Beginner section:
        • shallow bowl,
        • 4 set, hubba, rail
        • Flat bar
      • Intermediate section
        • Bathtub bowl
      • Expert section
        • Full pipe
        • Clover bowl