The Ambleside skatepark was renamed in honour of Peter Sullivan on July 12, 2016). Sullivan, owner of Supra Distribution, advocated for a modern skatepark at the Ambleside skatepark site, and helped raise $100 000 toward the cost of the new park. Media release


  • In Ambleside Park 1200 Argyle Ave.
    • Enter the park on 13th St at Marine Drive
    • Turn left on Argyle Ave, skatepark will be on your right in about 300m
  • Parking on Argyle Ave across from the skatepark, and in the parking lot est of the park
  •  Washrooms in the building west of the skatepark
  • Basketball courts and a fenced ball hockey area are adjacent to the skatepark
  • Ambleside was updated with a major upgrade completed in 2016

Ambleside Skatepark Project website

Ambleside skatepark web page on the west Van site

Photo Tour

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