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If you are looking for skateparks in Ontario and Quebec, check out the Spott Dreams of Skateparks skatepark directory which covers Ontario skateparks more completely than Skateparktour.ca can from out west!


Skatepark  Location

  • Corner of Ontario St. and Lemay St, Cornwall


Photo Tour

  • Cornwall-OldB-01.jpg
  • Cornwall-OldB-02.jpg
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  • Cornwall-OldB-04.jpg
  • Cornwall-OldB-05.jpg
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  • Cornwall-OldB-11.jpg

Thanks, Old Balls Skateboard Co. for the skatepark photos!  TAKE ME THERE!

Skatepark Features

  • Concrete and metal modular obstacles on an asphalt pad
  • Quarter pipes, jersey barriers, ledges, rails, pyramid, manual pads
  • Typical modular skatepark with a few larger obstacles. If you find yourself in Cornwall it’s worth a quick visit, but don’t go out of your way.