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Banff Skatepark Location

  • The town website lists the location as 101 Birch Avenue, which is the address for the whole park. You can get the skatepark from there, but if you want to park in the lot beside the skatpark follow thes directons:
    • Go west on Banff Ave. across the Bow River to the end, turn right onto Cave Ave.
    • Drive 600 M on Cave Ave to Sundance Rd.
    • Turn right onto Sundance Road. Folow the road 400m to the parking lot. The skatepark is on your right as you approach the parking lot.
  • The Town of Banff warns, ” Keep your head up and watch for fly balls when the ball diamonds are in use.” Be aware of games going on at the diamond beside the parking lot when you park!
  • In Banff there is always the possibility of wildlife. These  majestic animals were visiting the ball diamond across from the park. Always give wildlife lots of space and NEVER feed them!

Elk & Geese by the Banff Skatepark Elk by the Banff Skatepark.