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Skatepark Advocacy


More Skateparks Are Needed!


3627 strongly believes that more skateparks are needed in many large and small communities across Canada, to provide opportunities for citizens of all ages to stay healthy and active by participating in action sports that they enjoy. Skateparks play an important role in building strong, healthy communities and will be expanding this section to support the efforts of local skaptepark advocates to help build skateparks in their communities.


Municipal Skateboarding Strategies

Some forward looking municipal governments have developed formal strategies and policies about skateboarding and skateparks.  These documents can be excellent sources of information to aid your local advocacy efforts. These documents can go to great lengths describing their city's rationale for skateparks, and provide plenty of useful technical information for skateboarders and their supporters alike whose goal is to see more skateparks built.  Check out the documents from these Canadian cities:



Other Resources:

Skatepark Development Guide coverPublic Skatepark Development Guide: 

A must have resource if you are advocating for a skatepark in your community!




Who uses skateparks?

In 2012, conducted an informal study to get some idea of who is using skateparks in Western Canada.  Check out "But It's a Skatepark" here.


How much of a problem are skateparks for the communities that have them?

The Rossland (BC) SKatepark Association talked to 40 communities in BC about the lessons they learned in siting, designing, building, and operating their skatepark.  It's an excellent resource available as  a PDF here.


Useful Websites


Something to keep in mind

No one benefits from Lame Public skateparks!