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Provost Skatepark
Provost AB

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  •  4116 – 51 Avenue, Provost AB
  • GPS: North 52.35285253049162, West 110.2529525756836
  • Crescent Point Place (Arena, pool, concession) directly north of the park



"The outdoor skateboard was built in 2001. A modern steel structure that features a quarterpipe, jumpbox, half pyramid, kinked grindrail, kinked grindledge, kinked square rail, kinked grindbox and bank ramp."

Town of Provost - Recreation


  •  Thumbs Up Video one block north and a half block west from the park on 52 Ave. They have soft icecream, chips, chocolate bars, etc.
  • The Provost Bowling alley is just across the parking lot and they have chicken fingers, fries and corndogs.


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