Ontario Skateparks

Skateparktour.ca Now Includes An Ontario Skatepark Directory!

Shell Park
Shell Park - Oakville


Since 2006, Skateparktour.ca has grown to become the largest and most complete skatepark directory in Western Canada, with over 200 skateparks in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Now, with the help of Old Balls Skateboard Co. who will provide skatepark photos, Skateparktour.ca will now include all Canadian provinces from Ontario to the Pacific Ocean! Over time Skateparktour.ca plans to make the Ontario skatepark directory as useful and complete as the Alberta and BC skatepark directories!


Ontario Skateparks (16 skateparks so far!):

  1. 3 Musketears - Acton 
  2. Algoport Skate - Port Colborne <NEW>
  3. Charlie Bowins - Ottawa 
  4. Cornwall (El Rancho) - Cornwall 
  5. Huntsville 
  6. KMTS - Kenora 
  7. Kiwanis - Orillia
  8. Legacy - Nepean 
  9. Newmarket Youth Centre Indoor
  10. Norton - Burlington 
  11. Picton 
  12. Queens Park - Barrie 
  13. Shell Park - Oakville 
  14. Tecumseh <NEW>
  15. Vanderhoof ON Skatepark 
  16. Waterdown - Hamilton