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Red Deer Stoked about New Glendale Skatepark!

Glendalle skatepark

Huge turnout for grand opening

Red Deer opened their second skatepark on Friday July 5th, with opening celebrations and a free bar-b-que at the new Glendale Skatepark.  BMX'ers, skaters, scooter kids, and even a few mountain bikers came by for a session at the new park in north west Red Deer, adjacent to Glendale Middle School just off of Taylor Drive. After the obligatory speeches from politicians and officials,a ribbon was cut with a ride through by some skaters and BMX riders. There was no organized competitions or demonstrations, the focus was where it should be on opening day, letting everyone enjoy their first session in what will no doubt be a very popular skatepark.

Shredding the poolThose who like to ride bowls will LOVE Glendale!  The 6'-9' deep pool is the only pool style bowl in Alberta and lots of skaters dropped in to check it out. By the end of the summer, lots of skaters will be shredding this bowl as they rise to the challenge that it represents.

The flow bowl was also very popular with both BMX'ers and skaters. At 5'-8' deep, the flow bowl features a cradle, a roll-in, a curved escalating extension, and a tombstone. 

In addition to the TWO amazing bowls, Glendale has a large street section with a selection of  rails, stair sets, ledges, and a slappie bank wall.

One of the most pleasant surprises as the grand opening was the involvement of the Red Deer school boards in the skatepark project.  In Calgary, schools are very un-skate-friendly with "No skateboarding" signs on every school and several schools thinking it reasonable and acceptable to outright ban skateboards from even being brought into the building.  On the other hand in Red deer, several middle schools have skateboarding clubs, one is planning a skateboarding option, and the RDPSD worked with the City to host the Glendale skatepark at Glendale school.  Board officials even attended the opening, and spoke glowingly about the park.  Congratulations to the RDPSD for their understanding and perspective regarding skateboarding and youth (please speak to your CBE and CCSD colleagues to help them see the light).

Congratulations to the City of Red Deer, the school districts, and to Newline Skateparks for an outstanding new skatepark, clearly one of Alberta's best!

Check out's  photos from the opening on FaceBook.