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New Sylvan Lake Skatepark Set To Open!

UPDATE: Late week rain Delays Opening

The opening of the new Sylvan Lake skatepark has been dalayed by some late week rain which prevented important lamdscaping from being done. As soon as the landscapers are done, the fence will come down. will keep you informed!

If the landscaping gets done . . . It will open Friday!

Sylvan Lake Great news from Sylvan Lake, the fences around the new skatepark in Sylvan Lake will come down this Friday afternoon (june 1st) if the landscapers can get the sod down by then.  The park will be ready for the deluge of BMX'ers and skaters from all around Alberta, and the visitors will be impressed with the park that Newline Skateparks has built in Sylvan.

The new park is a compact design with lots of very cool features to provide fun for skaters and riders of all abilities.  For those seeking transitions, there is a 4 foot mini ramp with an escalating extension and a cantilevered quarter pipe (nothing behind it for support). On the south side is a cool ledge that is tiered and cantilevered and with a gap, and on the east end a 5 set with rail, hubba, and grass gap.  Being a lake community, Sylvan's nautical heritage is reflected in the fish hook and the sail transition features which promise to be very popular. A great skatepark is more than the list of features, the greatness of a skatepark depends on the flow between the obstacles and the execution of the park plan by the crew shaping the concrete. All early reports indicate that the Newline crew have really outdone themselves in Sylvan Lake, and that Sylvan will become one of Alberta's popular destination skateparks like Lacombe and Olds.  

mini ramp and quarter pipeThe new park's  official name is the "Sylvan Lake Optimist Action Sports Zone", reflecting that intended users of the park will ride skateboards, bikes, and inline skates.  There can be tension between skaters and BMX'ers, but in Sylvan Lake members of both action sports communities worked together to make the new park a reality.  Bikes and skateboards take courage, persistence, practice, and passion to get any good at riding.  It follows that those who enjoy one activity should be able to respect the skills and abilities of the people riding the other set of wheels.  In this regard, Sylvan Lake is showing the way for the rest of us, like the lighthouse in the harbour on the lake.

An important request

Did you know that spray paint, and the compounds that are used to clean it off, remove some of the surface of the concrete in a skatepark, leaving it fast and slippery for future users. Please don't tag or graffitti your new skatepark, help keep it awesome for everyone.  

Where is it?

For a map, directions, and a photo tour. check out the Sylvan Lake Optimist Action Sports Zone on