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Welcome to the new look!

index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=90&id=74Today, takes a big step forward in technology by going live with the newly redesigned website that is managed using Joomla, a populat web content management system.  Since going live in 2006, pages have been created in HTML using Dreamweaver which has been great but which has limitationsin the features available and is difficult to update sitewide design changes. By moving to Joomla will be redesigned to:

  1. Modernize the look and feel of the site
  2. Make it easier to add new content to the site for the long hoped expansion into Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  3. Add a mobile version of the site for iPhone, Blackberry, and android device users, making a better resource on road trips has grown to over 160 skateparks in BC and Alberta and it will take quite a long time to switch all of the individual skatepark pages over, so for some time yet those pages will remain as HTML pages but will be linked to from the provincial and regional list pages and the other information content pages which will be generated in Joomla

What do you think of the new look?

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The survey process won't take more than a few minutes, but your opinions will be a big help in the redesign process!

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