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Updates coming to the earliest skatepark pages on!

I had a flashback to the past of, and a rude reminder of how many park pages need updating this week. I had a chance to go to Okotoks to take photos of their skatepark, which had been renovated by Newline in 2014. When I looked at the Okotoks page to remind myself where the park was, I was floored to see a first generation Skateparktour page! now has 211 skateparks and all of the new pages are built in PHP, the Okotoks page reminded me how far Skateparktour as come, and that there is some work to do bringing some pages up to date. Heres what the Okotoks Skatepark page looks like now.


Here's what an early page looked like!

The first and second generation pages were built in html using Dreamweaver.  Key features that stand out:

  • First generation logo - since updated and improved
  • Custom banner featuring a photo of the skaatepark
  • QuicktimeVR virtual tour (no longer supported I now learn!)
  • Mapquest map image, manually created in Photoshop as Mapquest couldn't zoom in and crop the map like Google Maps can now


Skateparktour will still work to expand and add parks not currently included, but as opportunities allow, we'll get photos of the first parks still presented on the old design pages.  If you happen to go by one of those parks and can take some photos of it for the site, that would be much appreciated!  Please contact