Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year To ALL Skatepark Users!

 Skateparktour.ca wishes a very happy and healthy new year to everyone who enjoys skateparks in 2017! Whether you ride a scooter, a bike, or a skateboard, we hope you have fun and your skills progress every time you go to a skatepark!  Skateparktour.ca hopes to see more and more skateparks being built all over Canada, and hopefully this is the year that we leave behind any animosity to those who ride something other that what we do. The scene in every skatepark should be one of mutual respect, sharing, and having fun doing something we enjoy. 

Skateparktour.ca Redesign Planned

It has been a few years since the Skateparktour.ca look, feel, and content organization was revised, and a major redesign project is planned for 2017. The redesigned site will work better on mobile devices, and will be more useful to help you find and navigate to skateparks using your phone or tablet, and we hope to have it ready to launch early in this skatepark season.

More Skateparks To Be Added

Skateparktour.ca has over 50 more skateparks on the list to add when we can get to each park to take photos. We have a small network of contributors in 3 provinces who provide photos and park information, helping grow Skateparktour.ca and keep the directory information up-to-date. There are currently 248 skateparks on Skateparktour.ca, and each has been visited in person to provide photos and current information about the park. This makes Skateparktour.ca Canada's largest and most reliable skatepark directory, helping users find skateparks to ride wherever they live or travel

Have a great year!

Have a great year in skateparks across Canada, and enjoy skateboarding, BMX, Mountain biking, scootering, inline skating, or wheelchair freestyle!