Shake The Lake BMX Comp - Sylvan Lake August 13, 2016

Shake The Lake is back!

After a 2 year absence, Shake The Lake is back in Sylvan Lake this summer! There is only a BMX comp, no skateboarding this year, but the event will be awesome and it's great that organizers are able to bring back this year!!


  • Straight-line format
  • Amateur & Open classes
  • Location outdoors beside the lake in Centennial Park
  • Online registration is open now!  $40 fee. Expands Into Manitoba!

When first went live in August 2006, the site included a handful of skateparks in Calgary and along the route to Vancouver and Victoria BC. Today, almost ten ears later, is Canada's largest and most complete skatepark directory with 229 skateparks in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and now including Manitoba! In time, will include every major skatepark in these provinces, providing an increasingly useful resource for traveling and local skatepark users alike to find the best places to ride. As approaches it's 10th birthday, we are stoked to be making another step towards someday covering all 10 Canadian provinces!

The move into Manitoba would not be possible without the park photos provided by Mike from  Old Balls Skateboard Co.  Please check out their product line and pick up some gear from their online store of from your local board shop.


Plaza at the Forks
Photo: The Plaza At The Forks, Winnipeg MB   Old Balls Skateboard Co. photo


BC Skateparks Updated on

Keeping the information on up to date is a challenge, as parks change, are built, and occasionally demolished every year.  As well, the site has to keep up wth changing technology, such as the ending of support for the Quicktime VR virtual tours that was originally created with.  Here are the results of a recent trip to BC which offered an opportunity to update some parks.  

Fleetwood Youthpark, Surrey 

Until this week the Fleetwood page still had a QuicktimeVR tour to showcase the skatepark, which no longer work on the web. A few photos later and we have a new tour page for Fleetwood so you can check it out online again!

Fleetwood Skatepark


 Guildford Youth Park, Surrey 

A few years ago the Guildford Recreation Centre expanded and the old Guildford Bowl has to be demolished as part of the expansion project.  The new Guildford Youth Park is a nice plaza suitable for a wider range of users than the old bowl was.

Guildford Skatepark



Metro / Bonsor Skatepark, Burnaby 

Bonsor also still had a QuicktimeVR tour too, so new photos were needed to show off this iconic BC skatepark!

Bonsor Skatepark


Vic West Skatepark, Victoria 

Vic West is the largest and most iconic skatepark in Victoria and south Vancouver Island, so not having recent photos and a fully functioning tour page was a problem.

Vic West


Ambleside Skatepark, West Vancouver 

The original Ambleside Skatepark was 20 years old and the once vibrant skate scene at the park died off as the park grew outdated. After an extensive community based advocacy and fundraising effort, this new Ambleside skatepark replaced the old one in 2015.

Ambleside Skatepark Project



Chilliwack Landing Skatepark, Chilliwack 

When updating the Chilliwack Landing photos it was interesting to be reminded that this skatepark also includes some permanent modular ramps along with the concrete obstacles in the Spectrum design.

Chilliwack Landing



Mouat Skatepark, Abbotsford 

The old Mouat bowl was demolished last year and replaced with a new one.  Here's the original:

 Here's the new Mouat Skatepark constructed closer to the rec centre:

New Mouat skatepark






Gibbons Skatepark Grand Opening May 28, 2016

Get out to the Gibbons Skatepark Grand opening, Saturday May 28th starting at 11AM! There will be demos, competitions, prizes, and even food trucks! Gibbons is only a 15 minute drive north of the Edmonton City Limits so find a ride and help Gibbons celebrate the opening of their new skatepark! Contact organizers through the Facebook event page.


Live Music & Skate Event - Chilliwack May 7 2016

Skate & Slam

Chilliwack BC, May 7, 2016



On May 7th, Saturday there will be Live music/ Skate competition at the Prospera Skatepark AKA Chilliwack Landing  Skatepark in Chilliwack!
There is zero tolerance for drugs/alcohol being consumed on the property.

The Truth Skateshop will have Waiver forms for the skaters who want to enter the competition or talk to Deon Gallant. There will be prizes and food! If you would like a seat bring your own chair.

Rad Radio 90.1 fm will be the DJ for the day so talk to them for music requests.

Live bands playing are:

Poison Corn

Like Bears


Lou Danger & The Thrills

The Schatzis

F.L.S. (Free Life Skateboards) will have goodies to give away and sell !
F.L.C. (Free Life Skateboards) Youtube Channel :

This event is put on to help my band with the possibility of a cool music video so lets shred the park!

Volunteers and Vendors needed! Please PM me Deon Gallant or call 604-845-9346.