Edson is the 221st Skatepark on Skateparktour.ca

Edson is 200km, about 2 hours, east of Edmonton and the Edson skatepark is the 221st and latest addition to Skateparktour.ca. The skatepark is older and in good condition, and has a wide variety of ledges, banks, rails, manny pads, and transition that are too numerous to list. 



In 2015, a concrete pump track was built on the site of the old BMX track. You can generate a lot of speed on the track and at about 2 feet wide, It is a little narrow for most skateboarders, especially in some of the corners. The pump track will be fun for more BMX'ers than skateboarders.


Special thanks to Old Balls Skateboard Co. for the photos!


Skateparktour's Stranger Re-Edit Contest Entry

Stranger BMX is holding a video re-editing contest in January and the winner announced February 1st. If you want to enter, download the raw video from the Stranger website, create your edit, then upload it to your YouTube channel with "Abdullah re-edit" in the title so the Stranger BMX people can find it.  The prize for the winner is a prototype Stranger Ballast free coaster hub, that will become available this summer. If you like to edit video, it's a fun project to do at a time of year that getting BMX or skate footage to edit is pretty difficult! Post links to your edit in the comments here or on the Skateparktour Facebook page!


Rimbey Alberta Opens an Impressive New Skatepark!

The new Rimbey skatepark!

A couple of years ago, local Rimbey skaters and BMX'ers went to use their local skatepark, only to find that much to  their surprise, all of the modular obstacles had been removed. Coming without warning, the surprise is understandable but it couldn't have been much of a shock because the old park had been deteriorating and had become dangerous to ride.  This past week, construction on the new Rimbey Skatepark was completed, and the locals are stoked with their new park, judging by the crowds there the past few days. The new park is one of the largest in Central Alberta and features lots of transition elements as well as an assortment of the usual ledges, rails, manny pads every skatepark has to have.  The Rimbey park will surely attract people from across Central Alberta and around the province as it is definitely worth the drive west of Highway 2

The old park will no doubt be remembered fondly by those who had good times there, but the Town of Rimbey and Ponoka County have ensured that Central Alberta skatepark users will have a facility to have fun and build great memories in for many years to come!


Skateparktour turns 9 years old today!

Old Banner

On this day, August 20 2006, Skateparktour.ca went live for the very first time! At the top of each page was this header, featuring the first generation logo designed by a graphic artist from somewhere in the Maritimes. He came highly recommended and he eventually provided the much improved 2nd generation logo a couple  of years later, which is still  in use today.

Quicktime VR screen shotThe initial idea behind skateparktour.ca was to let skaters check out skateparks using virtual tours developed in the then popular, QuicktimeVR. Visitors could click and drag to "turn" on a spot to see the park, and click on "hot spots" to see the park from that location.

The QuicktimeVR tours were time consuming to create, but they were pretty cool and gave visitors lot of control over how they explored the skatepark. In time, technology evolved and QuicktimeVR is no longer supported by modern browsers. Many parks have ben switched to the new slideshow format and in time, all of the remaining parks will be converted as well.

QuicktimeVR is gone but the purpose of Skateparktour.ca remains the same, to let the various skatepark user communities (skaters, BMX'ers, inline skaters, mountain bikers, and yes, even scooter kids, check out skateparks near where they live and travel so they can fid and ride parks that appeal to them. Skateparks are public facilities and none of the user groups is going away, so let's have fund doing what we enjoy, and let others do the same. Skateparktour.ca promotes respect and sharing of skateparks by everyone!

Lots of people have commented that they use Skateparktour.ca to check out skateparks, and some have used the site to plan their own road trips. The skater in the photo below from Hay City Slam  in Olds in 2014, is from the Okanagan.  He and his family planned and documented summer holiday trips in 2014 and 2015 using Skateparktour.ca!

By the end of the first year Skateparktour.ca had about 30 skateparks in BC and Alberta. There are now 211 skateparks in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan on the site, plus a popular indoor skatepark page linking to indoor skateparks that stretch from Newfoundland to BC. It is a challenge to keep up to the construction of new skateparks, but the aim is to have every skatepark in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan included, and to expand across Canada. If your local skatepark is not included, please consider submitting photos to skateparktour.ca so others can know about your park too!

Hay City Slam 2014
Okanagan skater in an Alberta competition while on a summer holiday trip planned using skateparktour.ca!


Updates coming to the earliest skatepark pages on Skateparktour.ca!

I had a flashback to the past of Skateparktour.ca, and a rude reminder of how many park pages need updating this week. I had a chance to go to Okotoks to take photos of their skatepark, which had been renovated by Newline in 2014. When I looked at the Okotoks page to remind myself where the park was, I was floored to see a first generation Skateparktour page! Skateparktour.ca now has 211 skateparks and all of the new pages are built in PHP, the Okotoks page reminded me how far Skateparktour as come, and that there is some work to do bringing some pages up to date. Heres what the Okotoks Skatepark page looks like now.


Here's what an early Skateparktour.ca page looked like!

The first and second generation skateparktour.ca pages were built in html using Dreamweaver.  Key features that stand out:

  • First generation logo - since updated and improved
  • Custom banner featuring a photo of the skaatepark
  • QuicktimeVR virtual tour (no longer supported I now learn!)
  • Mapquest map image, manually created in Photoshop as Mapquest couldn't zoom in and crop the map like Google Maps can now


Skateparktour will still work to expand and add parks not currently included, but as opportunities allow, we'll get photos of the first parks still presented on the old design pages.  If you happen to go by one of those parks and can take some photos of it for the site, that would be much appreciated!  Please contact Skateparktour.ca.