is 8 Years Old Today!

Invermere skateparkBack in 2006, looking for places to build sample  QuicktimeVR virtual tours of, a tour of Shaw Millennium Park was created.  While working on the virtual tour and planing for a holiday trip into BC, I wondered if there were any more skateparks I could make virtual tours for. After returning from the holiday I had photos of about 30 skateparks and was born! Over the past 8 years, the site has grown to 202 skateparks in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan and it has become an important tool for many and a heavily visited website.

This summer while taking photos at the Hay City Slam BMX,comp, and Skate comp, I met a family from the Okanagan that was doing their own skatepark tour using to plan their trip. The kids' Mom showed me the book they were putting together on the trip, and the skatepark lists from the site where they would check off the parks they had visited. Hearing the stories of their trip and seeing the enthusiasm everyone in the family had for skateboarding and for checking out the skateparks was gratifying and rewarding to say the least.  This  is the vision that has driven the development of for the past 8 years, people having fun, being active, following their passion, and exploring skateparks

Westside lsat dayAlong the way I've been able to provide information and varying degrees of support for groups advocating for new skateparks where they live. Several of these have turned into new, concrete skateparks.  The Skatepark Advocacy section includes some original research as well as links to resources and the work of others striving for the same goals so other groups can benefit from the experiences of others.  There are still plenty of communities needing new parks and is happy to support them whenever possible.

The future is just as exciting for as the past 8 years have been. Later this year, is proud to be park of an initiative to help grow skateboarding by certifying people to effectively teach beginner and intermediate skaters so they can have even more fun and progress their skills faster.  More BC skateparks will be added this fall, and there is hope for a photo trip to Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan as well.  Eastward expansion has been a goal for several years, and a few Saskatchewan Skateparks including the  Lions Skatepark, Saskatoon SK were added in 2013. A mobile site is also in the plans, depending on available time and money.

Thank you for your support for, for sharing the site with your friends (no matter what kind of wheels they ride!), and for being a fan of Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Here's to many more years for western Canada's most complete skatepark directory! spreads east into Saskatchewan!

Long Awaited Eastward Expansion Finally Underway!

Lakewood For years, has wanted to move east into Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and this week, the first Saskatchewan parks are being added to Canada's best skatepark directory!  Hopefully 2014 will see Regina and Southern Saskatchewan parks added, as well as the many Manitoba parks that are worth stopping for on your cross-Canada road trips!

The first park, added today, is the Lions Skatepark in Saskatoon with the 7 Saskatoon skate spot sized facilities and the North Battleford skatepark soon to follow.

The weather is holding, barely, so before the winter snows fly get out on your skateboard or bike and shred as any parks as you can! 

Skateparks From Coast To Coast! Now Covers From Atlantic to Pacific

TurndownThanks to Rob from Turndown BMX Inc in St. Johns NL, who contacted through facebook, now includes skateparks from across the breadth of the massive country.  Turndown is the most easterly park, listed on the indoor page, while 5189 km (calculated, not actually measured) west is the Tuff City skatepark in Tofino is the most westerly park in our country.  Hopefully someday will include photo tours of all the parks in Canada, but for today we'll celebrate this new listing symbolizing the gathering of Canadian skateparks from coast to coast in one directory!

6 BC Skateparks added to

Some are new, some are old, here is an eclectic mix of BC skateparks now available on, bringing the total number of BC skateparks on the site to 116.  Check them out


Mackin Park Skatepark

Mackin Park Skatepark - Coquitlam BC

Brand new in August 2012, the skatepark is part of a major redevelopment project at Mackin Park which also includes a splash park.

Mercer Stadium Skatepark

Mercer Stadium Skatepark - New Westminster BC

An older park with few of the usual street features found today, Mercer Stadium features bowls and snake run like terrain and colourful graffiti. 

 Sechelt Skatepark

 Sechelt Skatepark - Sechelt BC

Another older skatepark, this one in the Sunshine Coast community of Sechelt.  Located on the side of a hill below the local high school, the Sechelt skatepark has the kind of big features common in the era that the park was designed in.


Thompson Skatepark

Thompson Skatepark - Richmond BC

One of the newest and most unique skatepark designs around, the Thompson Community Centre Skatepark is definitely interesting and worthy of a visit if your travels take you to Richmond.

Yarrow Skatepark - Chilliwack BC

Yarrow Skatepark - Chilliwack BC

The Yarrow skatepark was new in 2012 and replaces an older skatepark on the same site.  A fun little park no doubt popular with the locals.

Willowbrook Skatepark, Langley BC

 Willowbrook Skatepark - Langley BC 

An old skatepark in a kind of out-of-the-way warehouse area, Willowbrook looks to have been maintained over the yeasrs for those who want to ride there.  The far pyramid suffers from a lack of run up / run out as it only has about 15-20 feet on the far side.