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2011 an awesome year at!

Popularity Growing

2011 was an amazing year at, the best since the site went live in the fall of 2006.  Popularity is growing, just take a look at these numbers:

  • visitor traffic up (23%)
  • page views increasing by 24%
  • 24% more individual visitors
  • now over 1100 fans on Facebook

 Clearly, is proving useful to skateboarders, BMX’ers, and other wheeled sports enthusiasts in western Canada.

Lots of new skateparks added now features 163 skateparks in BC and Alberta, including 102 from BC . . . and we’re not done yet! There are still 24 more skateparks in BC that need to be added, and another 16 in Alberta.  Plans are being made to include Saskatchewan and Manitoba skateparks as well in 2012, so it is very possible that could have over 200 skateparks in the next year or two!

The biggest problem in adding skateparks is getting photos for the tour.  This is an important component of as other skatepark directories often don’t provide photos or even accurate locations, and skateparktour strives to provide complete and accurate information about every skatepark. In 2012, four skateparks were added using fan photos, including some taken with an iPhone!! If you can help provide skatepark photos, or action photos/videos, please email!!

Big Plans For 2012 has some ambitious plans for 2012 including:

  • A Mobile site: A version of the website more friendly to your iPhone, Blackberry, or android smart phone so you can more easily use on road trips
  • Redesign & modernization; Switching the site to a content management system to modernize the look, feel, and function of  This is very much a work in progress as the site design will be fine tuned from time to time throughout the year. Comments and suggestions are always welcome
  • Gradually replace QTVR: When went live in 2006 every skatepark included a quicktime virtual tour, featuring several linked nodes (locations) where visitors could “look around” with the click of a mouse.  Quicktime VR is now old technology, soon to be phased out, and the creation of virtual tours is too time consuming so for a while now, new the virtual tours have been replaced by slideshows.  Over the course of 2012, the remaining virtual tours will be replaced one by one, bringing all skateparks on the site up to the same standard

Thanks for being a fan of and have an great time exploring western Canada’s skateparks in 2012!