Southwood Skatepark,
Calgary AB


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This is the one of the first three new skateparks built under the Calgary Skateboard Amenities Strategy. Construction was completed in February 2016


  • Flow bowl with roll-in, pump bump, and elevated pocket 
  • Hook ledge
  • Small drop with flat-down ledge and rail
  • Wheelchair ramp with ledge and rail
  • 5 Stair set with handrail. hubba ledge and up-gap
  • Bank to barrier
  • Ledge to bank
  • Pump bump
  • Quarterpipe wall with extension
  • "Poppy Park" hip with ledge to bank
  • Flatbar
  • Descending slappy bank with inset ledge
  • Curved drop-in / Turnaround transition with hips



  • On Sackville Dr., 1 block west of Elbow Dr.
  • Beside Ethem M Johnson School, Harold Panabaker Jr High, and the Southwood Community Assoc.
  • Parking in the community association parking lot
  • This park is close to people's homes, please be good neighbours, especially about noise & garbage!





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Top | Tour | Details | Map | Video







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